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Everyone finds themselves in a tight financial spot from time to time.

Maybe someone you love is in the hospital and the bills are piling up. Maybe you’re in between jobs and trying to make ends meet. Or maybe you have a baby on the way and need a cash advance for all the essentials you need before they arrive.

Whatever the reason, a car title loan or a vehicle title loan can be a great option to get the fast cash you need.

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What Are Car Title Loans?

Just like payday loans, car title loans are short term loans. You’re meant to repay the title loan soon after receiving the money instead of gradually over time.

Unlike payday loans, car title loans use your car or truck as collateral. The loan amount will depend on the value of your vehicle title, since most title loans are for anywhere between 50-75 of the vehicle’s value.

How Can You Qualify for a Car Title Loan?

The car title loan company you get a loan from will typically want to see your vehicle, your photo ID, and a proof of insurance. You don’t necessarily have to have a bank account to get a title loan. For a lot of title lenders, you’ll need to own your vehicle title as well. 

Some lenders may also want a duplicate set of the vehicle keys. You will not have to leave your vehicle with the title loan company.

The Benefits of Getting a Car Title Loan

In addition to having access to quick cash, a vehicle title loan has a lot of other benefits over other kinds of personal loans.

For starters, with US Auto Title & Payday Loans, you can get a car title loan online. Our personal loan process is fast, easy, and secure. Whether you’ve worked with us before or you’re looking for a new loan, we can offer competitive rates and a high loan amount.

You don’t need a bank account to take out a title loan. A good title loan lender will work with you to come up with an interest rate that works for you and your loan amount.

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With a Title Loan, Could I Lose My Vehicle Title?

Putting up your vehicle title for collateral is no small decision—there is always the risk of losing your car when dealing with title loans.

If you receive a loan and fail to repay that loan, your lender could repossess your vehicle title and own your car. This can be true even if you’ve been making partial payments toward your loan.

Get Auto Title Loans From US Auto Title & Payday Loans

Everyone knows that assets are very different from having cash on hand. Maybe you worked really hard for years to save up for your car—but now you’re short on cash for time-sensitive expenses.

With our general lack of reliable public transportation, cars are a must for most Americans. And while cars are great for getting where you need to be, they can also be valuable collateral to help you get a loan when you’re in a tight spot.

Four out of five Americans live paycheck to paycheck. But 91% of American households have access to a vehicle. This means that car title loans are a reliable and accessible kind of loan that you can get online—and fast!

It’s not just a vehicle title. It’s a valuable asset! You can leverage your car title or car titles to help you or your family out of a tight spot with a secure loan from a company that specializes in title loans.

Millions of people turn to trusted lenders every day for a little extra help. If you could use some help, get in touch with one of our lenders today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have!

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Repaying Your Online Loan Is Easy

Our easy online application process makes getting your online loan quick and easy—but we also make sure repaying it is easy, too!

We want to help you. And helping you means matching you with the best possible loan. If we set you up with an installment loan, we make sure you’re able to clearly see all of your repayment options.

Repaying your installment loans regularly and on time is mutually beneficial, so we do what we can to make it as easy as possible!

What Is an Installment Loan?

If you’re looking into different types of loans, you’ve probably seen the term “installment loan” floating around. But what does that mean? This type of loan involves getting a lump sum up front, and then paying back the loan in regularly scheduled payments.

These loans will usually have a fixed interest rate, meaning that it won’t change while you’re repaying the loan. We’ll work with you to find the best loan type and interest rate possible for you!

Get the Cash You Need—Fast and Secure

Did you know that four out of every five Americans live paycheck to paycheck? If you’re struggling to make ends meet between jobs or have an unexpected expense pop up, know that you’re not alone.

Millions of people turn to trusted lenders every day for a little extra help. If you could use some help, get in touch with one of our lenders today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have!

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